Friday, 19 February 2010

Get artsy.....

Well, not really.....
Just spend some time moulding play dough - chilling out after a tough week (three presentations in a week).

My art work

Time to get busy again tomorrow with my final year project.
Sigh.... it never ends.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I've spotted some blog give-aways yesterday and thought that I'll share some with you.

First up is a Valentine day give-away from Stephanie of Julu Jewelry. Click HERE to check out the details. While you're at it, do have a peek at her jewelry pieces too, they are super pretty :)

The second one will be a Urban Decay Alice in the Wonderland palette give-away by KarlaSugar. Clicky HERE. All you need to do is to comment about what's your favourite thing about your look today.This giveaway ends at 5th February, midnight.

Both giveaways are opened worldwide, so do check them out.
Hope you enjoyed this little sharing :)

Monday, 1 February 2010

A little bit of here, there and everywhere

Shame on me
It's already February and this is my first post for the year.

Was suppose to blog about the Christmas party
Was suppose to blog about Angela and Serene's visit to Sunderland
Was suppose to thank Birkie for her generous giveaway
Was suppose to blog about my first Graze box
Was suppose to blog about my new Uni term
and the list goes on and on......

I was suppose to blog about so many things, but didn't
I was busy
Busy again..... I've been typing this word out so many times that I myself finds it annoying
I think it has already become an excuse rather than being really tied up
Or a reflection of bad time management

I think it's too late to share about Christmas and my friends' new year eve visit to Sunderland.
I'll give a little update of things I really want to share.

First and foremost, I want to give a big thank you shout out to Birkie of BirkinBagBeauty.
Birkie had a Pink Giveaway for the new year, and it was really a surprise to me that I've won.
I'm not the lucky type that wins lucky draws or contests, so I'm really excited about it - my first ever giveway prize. Birkie was very generous, she added in few extra things that wasn't listed in the giveaway. Thank you gal for the sweet giveaway!

I've got my first graze box
It's FOC, thanks to Alison who gave me the code for a free graze box
What is a graze box?
The graze website describe it as "healthy eating by post"
It's a box packed with all things healthy - nuts, dry fruits and fresh fruits, sufficient to help you to fulfill your 5-a-day portion.
It costs GBP 2.99 (incl. postage) per box, which I think it's worth it.
It's delivered weekly, but you can set your own settings.
For me, it's a monthly order.

For my first box, I've got:
Cheeky monkey (banana, cranberry and walnut)
Whole hazelnuts
Himalayas and beyond (pineapples, macadamian nuts, and goji berries)
Cajun seed mix

These were send to me according to my ratings of the selections available on the website.

I was surprised that I didn't like the dry bananas (I eat fresh bananas on a daily basis)
But liked the dry pineapples (which I'm not so fond of)
Ha ha... so I had to went back to reset my ratings for some of the selections.

As for Uni life,
Well, no pictures of it. lol
Been doing a lot of things - society activities (designed posters and menu for the up coming Chinese New Year Party), the usual lectures, seminars and assignments.
5 more months and I'll be graduating, seem surreal but it's the truth.
After 4 years of studies, I'll be joining the pharmacist work force soon.
Wish me luck :)

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Especially to friends and family which are far far away in Malaysia, USA and Russia......

I'm coping with 'Christmas loneliness' well this year.
That's probably because I've been so busy with school work that I didn't realize that Christmas was around the corner. Well, I knew that Christmas was coming, but not as soon as I thought it will be - first week into December and I have not posted any Christmas cards yet *panic** *panic**

So, what was keeping me busy?
Lab work, to be precise final year project lab work on dissolution of gelatin and HPMC capsules in HCl and sodium phosphate buffer solution.

I've been in the lab from 9am to 5pm, twice a week for 3 months to complete my labwork. On top of that, there's still seminars, lectures and other assignment to hand in. Time literally flew without me knowing.....

But praise the Lord, I've completed all lab assignments, the remaining bits is to wirte up a paper on my work.


It snowed for intermittently for 3 consecutive days since last thursday, a new record since I've been in UK, there was sufficient snow to build snowman.
Ha ha...... My friends and I made a 'Malaysian snowman' - red chilli as his nose, and two small onions as his eyes. lol

I know it doesn't look great, but we did out best :)

That was the fun bit, but the weather is getting colder and the snow is not metling at all.
It's also causing lots of traveling problem. A friend of mine who is returning to Malaysia for holidays got stuck in Amsterdam airport for 24 hours because her flight was canceled.
Another friend only managed to arrive in New York to visit her relatives after having her flight canceled/re-scheduled 4 times, delayed for three days and waiting at the airport for 18 hours.

Having flight canceled/delayed is really nerve wracking, I've experinced it and it's not pleasant.
But it's all good now that they've reached their destination safe and sound.

There are still many who are finding ways to get back home, I pray that everyone else will be able to reach home to celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Under construction....

Bye bye black background

Current status : not complete - Brainstorming new blog layout

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